Personnel & Volunteers


Executive Director - Shozo Kagoshima

Events Manager - Tony Barbatti

Events Coordinator - Christine Vida
Bookkeeper/Accountant - Safdar Ighanian

Gift Shop, Membership, Volunteers & Community Education - Chiharu Yabe

Gift Shop Staff - Cheri Gross

Head of Grounds Maintenance - Jacob Kellner

Head of Maintenance Facilities - Keith Armstrong

Assistant Gardener - Jesus Chiprez

Maintenance & Cleaning - Sandra Velaquez

Event Staff -  Brian Scott, Cheri Gross, Christan Fernandez, Glenn Libby, Jason McCullough, Jose Chiprez, Faith O'Malley, Marissa Angelina Silva, Richard Ngo, Sandra Velasquez, Veronica Gunawan, Wilson Cai


Many volunteers assist as Docents, providing tours of the gardens for visitors. Others help in the Gardens, the Gift Shop, or the office. Many special projects also benefit from volunteer assistance. For example, in the Gardens, various wood and bamboo substructures such as the bridges, the wooden lamp posts around the pond, the well, the main gate, and the fences that lead up to the gardens have been restored with the help of volunteers like Bruce Heister and Jim Sugai.

Hakone appreciates long time Hakone volunteers.

Cultural programs: John Larissou, Elaine Salter, Minako Tsuji

Docents:  Patricia Avery, June Kanazawa, Michiko Kelly

Gardens: Arnie Cornez

(Alphabetical order)

Hakone also wishes to appreciate all its volunteers who continue to help in so many ways.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer application form.

Volunteer Application Form