Garden Map
QR codes in the Gardens

Use your smartphone camera to learn more about our plants when you visit the gardens

  • Please stay on the paths and watch your step. The fine gravel covering may hide tree roots, rocks, steps or uneven surfaces. 

  • Children should be supervised at all times, preferably by at least one adult per five children. Please do not allow children to run around, shout, or kick gravel, so that other visitors can enjoy the tranquility without being disturbed. For young children, please feel free to use Children's Handout material.

  • Please do not throw any objects, including coins, into the Koi pond, The delicate fish and turtles suffer as a consequence.

  • No pets or animals are allowed in the Gardens except leashed service dogs.

  • Please do not sit on the handrails of bridges, buildings, or trails. 

  • Except bottled water, food and beverages are allowed in designated picnic area only. Picnic areas are for the general public and cannot be reserved.

  • No smoking in the entire Gardens.

  • Please be aware that parts of the Bamboo Gardens may be closed seasonally (April-May) to protect new growth.