Annual Events

Lunar New Year Celebration
A three year tradition, the Lunar New Year Celebration at Hakone takes place in early spring. The most recent Lunar New Year celebrated The Year of Rabbit - and the 50th anniversary of when the Chinese saved Hakone!

Programs feature story-relling, Chinese instrumental performances, lion dances, Chinese opera, youth ensemble, Tai Chi master, lunar customs and flower arrangement, cooking demonstrations, Chinese Opera, a tour of Hakone led by Foundation CEO. and Chinese foods and refreshments.

Matsuri (Spring Festival)  

Each year, on third Sunday of May, the Hakone Supporting Committee organizes a spectacular event that is the talk of the Bay Area.

Highlights include Japanese Calligraphy demonstration on a large canvas, Mochitsuki (Mochi pounding) performance, Tsugaru Shamisen and Shorinji Kempo, silent auction, etc.
Matsuri also features games and music bands. The food booths sell a variety of grilled food, Ramen, rice, and drinks. A wide variety of bands participate, and there are amazing demonstrations of arts and crafts.

Hakone Annual Chakai (Grand Tea Gathering)

The Daichakai is one of the most important and enjoyable tea events in the greater Bay Area: important in that it brings together tea practitioners of different tea traditions and enthusiasm of its participants. The hope is that all who practice tea will desire to attend in order to share tea with their fellow practitioners at one of the few sites where this type of events is possible outside of Japan.