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Thank you to the County of Santa Clara and the City of Saratoga for their financial support of our Koi Pond Renovation.

We need donations of money.

(Please let us know your donation is for the koi pond renovation.)

Details of project from the koi themselves

We are the Koi fish of Hakone Estate and Gardens. While it looks as if we live in an ideal, lush location, we are here to tell you that our living conditions are actually quite dire, and we really need your help. 

Our home sits in the middle of a 100-year-old authentic Japanese garden that is on the National Historic Register. It was inspired by the gardens of Hakone National Park in Japan and offers an oasis of serenity and exquisite beauty. We koi and the pond have been loved through the years and happily have served as an enchanting backdrop for thousands of photographs. Perhaps, you may have some favorite photos at home? We have given great pleasure to thousands of visitors, young and old, for decades, serving as the exciting live element that entices everyone to quietly delight in their visit. Many young children have developed a love for the outdoors as they enjoyed the excitement of feeding us. People of all ages love to see us, including people in wheelchairs.  We koi worry about people using walkers and wheelchairs on the paths around the pond so the renovation includes ADA improvements too.

Our aged pond has started to leak precious water into the ground below. Experts say nothing short of a full refurbishment will cure the problem. Our pond is too shallow so our baby koi are often eaten by predators like heron, egrets, and raccoons. In the summer, many of our family members have died from over-heating or heat related diseases, no matter what the gardeners and volunteer specialists do to provide us shade or to fight unhealthy blooming algae. We have been getting special treatment from a volunteer specialist to medicate our skin and gills, but it is an uphill battle due to our extremely warm and shallow environment. In the winter rainy months, dirt and debris run off from the too steep hillsides into our pond, clogging up the filters that we need for oxygen.

Here is how you can help us:

  • Please donate whatever you can. Any amount is appreciated as it will go toward this needed project.

  • Share this need with others. Other koi, pond and garden lovers might wish to help.


Hakone leaders are fundraising with many groups and individuals, but every dollar helps. Please donate whatever amount you can so that we, the koi fish, can survive. We need to live in a safer and healthier environment. You can help us thrive for another 100 years in beautiful Hakone Estate and Gardens. We are depending upon you.

We need this renovation of the 100 year old koi pond and surrounding ADA paths and landscape.

Please let us know your donation is for the koi pond renovation.

Koi Pond Renovation Donors ($1,000+)

Doug Crafts

Charles Heger

Sandy and Howard Miller

Ann and Richard Waltonsmith

Andrew Kim

Chien Lee (Nijikawa)

Emily and Patrick Lo

Chong Hing Premier Jewelers

First Retail Inc.

Fountainhead Law Group

Gregory Rossman

John Sheridan

Mehta Family Trust

Sean Madnani

The Orr Family Foundation

June and Richard Kanazawa

Thomas and Eva Fong Foundation

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