Hakone offers a wide variety of art and cultural classes. Parking and entrance to the Gardens is provided free for all students. Classes meet in the buildings, the crafts workshop area, or in the gardens. See class schedule for details. Contact the instructor to register for the class.

Japanese Tea Ceremony with Minako Tsuji from Urasenke School

In the magic of Hakone Gardens, learn the Japanese method of serving and drinking tea and the spirit of “Wa-Kei-Sei-Jaku”, a traditional ritual. Classes are held in the Lower House tearoom.

Time: Fridays and Saturdays 9:00am - 12:00pm
Place: Lower House

Fee: Contact Instructor

Registration: Call Ms. Tsuji at 408-226-0674 or email ctsuji@cheerful.com.  Please put "Tea Ceremony" in the title line.

Zazen Meditation (zazenkai)

Zazenkai  (coming together for meditation) is an offering to individuals who want to sit together and learn to practice quieting the mind and observing silence in the peaceful atmosphere of the gardens.  Started by Rev. Enyu Ito, a Rinzai Buddhist priest,  we follow Rinzai meditation. Also, we offer simple instruction and most importantly a time to become still.


There is no fee; however, dana (donation) is gratefully accepted to cover expenses incurred with our use of the space.

Time: Sundays, 9:00am - 10:15am (unless closed for schedule conflicts)
Place: The Upper Moon Viewing House overlooking the gardens
Registration: email info@hakone-zendo.org. Website: www.Hakone-zendo.org for additional information.

Seido Karate with Kyoshi Robert Henderson

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art. Founded by Grandmaster Tadashi Nakamura, Seido Karate embodies the principal of purposeful practice by combining the physical practice of the martial arts with the traditional respect for mental focus and spiritual training. Ongoing classes are open to students of all levels.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Place: Lower House
Fee: $35 per month
Registration/ information: Contact Robert at Robert@norcalseido.com, www.norcalseido.com,
or by phone at 831-325-5007

Qigong with Trish Fay.jpeg
Qigong with Trish Fay

Using simple movements, controlled breathing, and guided meditations, Qigong cultivates peace, strength, balance, and healing by strengthening our mind-body-spirit connection. It’s an easy yet powerful practice that’s great for all ages and fitness levels.  An avid Qigong practitioner for several years, Trish is a certified Qigong instructor and founder of Sunflower Qigong.

Time:  Thursdays at 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Place:  Lower House

Fee:  4 week series: $85; drop in $25 (includes admission to the gardens)

Registration/ Info:  Contact Trish at 408.313.2068 or sunflowerqigong@gmail.com
Website: www.sunflowerqigong.com