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We appreciate your generous gesture. Your donation will directly go to Hakone Foundation to maintain and improve the beautiful gardens and facilities at Hakone Estate and Gardens.


If you'd like to discuss how you would like to make a donation other than donate online via PayPal or send us a check, please call us at 408-741-4994.

Donate online

Please fill out your contact info when you pay via PayPal so that we can thank you. You can optionally select how you would like your donation to be used for.

Send a check

Please make your check payable to Hakone Foundation and mail it to the address below.


Hakone Foundation
PO Box 2324
Saratoga, CA 95070

The Hakone Foundation is a California nonprofit entity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

TAX ID: 77-0054274

Hakone Estate and Gardens

21000 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070

Mailing address

Hakone Foundation, Executive Director

P.O. Box 2324, Saratoga, CA 95070.

Financial Status and Master Plan

Soft copies of the complete Pond Renovation Design, the complete Hakone Master Plan, Form 990s, and cost details can be issued upon request. Please contact Hakone’s Executive Director, Shozo Kagoshima (

Legacy Partnership with Hakone

The Hakone Foundation has created the Legacy Partnership to enable donors to make bequests in their estate plans to preserve and enhance Hakone Estate and Gardens. 

Donors work directly with their own attorney or financial advisor. Important information needed by the financial advisor:

TAX ID: 77-0054274 (Non-Profit 501(c)(3))

The location of the Hakone Foundation:

Hakone Estate and Gardens

21000 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070

The mailing address of the Foundation:

Hakone Foundation, Executive Director

P.O. Box 2324, Saratoga, CA 95070

  • When the donor submits a letter of commitment to the Foundation, she/he becomes a member of our planned giving program. There is no legal form to fill out, no declaration of what the gift is, no copy of the bequest is required. The Foundation will send the donor a letter of acknowledgement.

  • Upon receiving a letter of commitment, the donor will be recognized as a member of the Legacy Partnership in the Annual Report and have other benefits as a member of the Legacy Society. A donor may, of course, choose to remain anonymous.

  • The Foundation is extremely grateful for the generosity and thoughtful planning of these donors for helping to ensure a bright future for our beautiful Japanese Garden.

For more information, please contact Hakone's Executive Director at 408-741-4994.

Individual Donors


  • David House

  • Patrick and Emily Lo

  • Howard and Sandy Miller

  • Richard and Ann Waltonsmith



  • Bruce Heister

  • Richard and June Kanazawa

  • Michiko Kelly

  • Norton Kitagawa

  • Tadao Kurosawa

  • Marty Matsuo

  • Nobuko Naganuma

  • Renee and Baptiste Paquier

  • Feng Pei

  • Paul Sakamoto

  • Kathryn Satoda

  • Miki and Takao Shimabe

  • Patricia Workman

  • Connie Young Yu


  • David Albrecht

  • Mary-Lynne and Eugene Bernald

  • Richard Brewer

  • Nicholas Cervantes

  • Chi Hung Hui and Helen Chang

  • Bill and Doris Cooper

  • Doris and William Cooper

  • Jim Craik

  • Marlene Duffin

  • Kay Duffy

  • Richard and Patricia Durbridge

  • Barry Fernald

  • Heather Folsom

  • Michael and Julia Frutiger

  • Terrell Geoghagan

  • Dee Gibson

  • Nicola Gordon

  • Bev Harada

  • Takako Hargrave

  • Yuki Hashimoto

  • Peggy Heiman

  • Yoshie Hennen

  • Kohei Hirano

  • Karl Hoover

  • Weilum Huang

  • Ching-Wen Cho and Weilun Huang

  • Jann Ichikawa

  • Stephen Iremonger

  • Adrienne Reiko Iwanaga

  • Kenneth Kay

  • Yoriko Kishimoto

  • John Larissou

  • Naomi M. and Mark D. Levenson

  • Fumio Matsuda

  • Naomi Melkert

  • David and Denise Moyles

  • Jeffrey Newman

  • Allison Ottoboni

  • John Rothermel

  • Paul and Holly Rubinstein

  • Ann Rice

  • Arvind Saxena

  • John Schroeder

  • Mary Ellen SeitzKaschub

  • Amy Smiley

  • Julie Stallman

  • Ann Stephenson

  • Thomas Stoiber

  • Mima Suwa

  • Robert Suyeda

  • Joanna Tang

  • Dmitry Taranov

  • Ben and Jamie Tsai

  • Ville Tuulos

  • Daniel Vaquero

  • June Wang

  • Katherine Wasilenko

  • Shao Hsiu Wen

  • Merry Yen

Corporate Donors


  • City of Saratoga

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation





  • MUFG Union Bank

  • Nijikawa USA, Inc.



  • American Online Giving Foundation/ Benevity

  • Cathay Bank

  • Middle Way Zen

  • Network for Good

  • The George and Judy Marcus Family Foundation II

  • Santa Clara Valley Koi & Water Garden Club


In-Kind Donors

  • Hikari Sales, USA

  • Nijikawa, USA

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